Executive-in-Residence Program

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The Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises mission strongly prioritizes both the experience of the MBA students and the engagement of our alumni and past executive education participants. As a key element of both of those priorities, the Executive in Residence ("EIR") program has been established.

The EIR program invites Kellogg alumni and executive education past participants to a series of engagement activities with the MBA students in our Family Enterprise Club ("FEC"). These interactions with family leaders, non family executives, and experts in the field of family enterprises provide a rich complement to the Kellogg experience for students. As future alumni, students begin to engage with the community of the Center, and learn context to enhance the content that is taught in the classroom. EIR leaders find the engagement with students and continuing their engagement with Kellogg to be both meaningful and enriching.

The EIR program includes several elements, and can be designed to accommodate both the time constraints and interests of the executive. The goal is to engage with the Center four times per year: Two to three times in person and once virtually, with the goal of engaging on a quarterly basis.

In person opportunities include:

  • One-on-one sessions held during a day in residence on campus with students to discuss the areas of immediate interest of the student, drawing on the expertise of the executive
  • Lunch and learn programs on campus. These can be designed to be intimate conversations with a small group, or a larger speaking engagement
  • Speaking engagements with the Family Enterprise club members or in partnership with other clubs that relate to the executive's area of focus on campus
  • Campus treks to the executive's business location for an immersive experience with the executive and his/her business
  • Participation in a summer internship for students interested in learning about other family enterprises including family investment companies. This opportunity can be combined with a session on campus to share the experience back to other students from both the intern's and the executive's perspectives
  • Acting as a consultant to student clubs, such as the Kellogg Family Business Organization, or in partnership with FEC and other clubs such as Entrepreneurial or Real Estate clubs
  • Guest speaking in an MBA or EMBA course, an executive education program or a conference hosted by the Center.